Hello! Welcome to the Wikkispace for Magnolia Middle School Students. This is your online space to create and share things with other students at Magnolia Middle School. Keep a few rules in mind as you work:

  • Remember to be polite to those here, but use the space to work and write together.

  • Wikki pages are considered formal writing so spelling and grammar count.

  • However, discussion boards on the wikki can be used to plan and discuss, so text lingo may be used as long as it can be understood by all.

  • Plan out how everyone in your group can add to the wikki in an organized way so that everyone's work gets viewed.

  • Before you work in this space, you must have the Acceptable Use Policy signed. Go to the Discussion tab and tell why you think we have Acceptable Use Policies.

You can add your creative writing here, or post a poem, or reaction to a book.

If you would like a new page started for you and your group, let Mrs. Boksz know. Have fun writing!